About Us 

At Slanted Sun Farm we are committed to land stewardship based on organic and sustainable agriculture.  We believe that it is important for all members in the community not only have access to nutrient rich food that has been produced in an environmentally responsible way, but also recognize the importance of having a strong local food system.

Anna Morris

Upon graduating from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Community Health Education, Anna began working on farms with the hope of starting her own farm business one day.  In 2014, she completed the Organic Farm School Program on Whidbey Island and the following season started Slanted Sun Farm.  Her love of cooking, connecting with folks over wholesome meals, and improving the food security of surrounding communities drives her passion for farming.  In her free time, Anna loves kayaking and combing the beaches of the Puget Sound.    


Jared Danilson

With a background mainly in web development Jared first started feeling the pull into sustainable agriculture while getting acquainted with the farming community on Whidbey Island.   When the opportunity came to start a farm business with Anna he didn’t hesitate to start trying to find the right balance between the technology and farming worlds.  As the business has grown it has become his primary focus, and he is interested in finding ways of incorporating technology into farming systems.  When he isn’t in the field or behind a keyboard you’ll probably find him outside, practicing the mandolin or both!